Revel Fox and Partners was founded by Revel Fox in 1962, and is today an architectural and planning partnership with a reputation for integrity, both in its principles and in its design, within the broader social, economic and aesthetic framework of Africa.

Functional simplicity and a deep concern for contextually appropriate architectural treatment have resulted in projects of individual distinction and merit. Concern for the natural and traditional built environment forms an important part of the work of the practice, and it has had hands-on involvement in the refurbishing and restoration of a number of important buildings and city precincts.

The present partners are Lorna Hansen who has been with the firm since 1964; Tertius Kruger since 1988; Lisa Scott since 1994 and Mark Meyer since 1996.

This firm is driven by a commitment to good design. In simple terms, this implies the making of spaces that are not only efficient, cost effective and technically sound, but are also sustainable, comfortable and pleasing to be in.  The approach is holistic, with the same care and consideration given to the smallest detail as to the most appropriate and satisfactory arrangement of the building in the context of its site and surroundings.

This philosophy has led to the success that has been achieved by many of our projects over the years.  We measure our success primarily by the positive feedback of project owners after several years of occupation and use, and only secondarily by the awards and prizes earned.

For Revel Fox and Partners, the professional ethic is simple and unassailable.  Each project is approached with the thoughtfulness, sensitivity and design excellence that has won the firm the highest accolades in the architectural field. By creating spaces which are appropriate in every way to the needs of our clients, we are committed to making a lasting and valuable contribution to the built environment in Africa.  

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